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A dialogue on Re-Imagining the Space: Interviews from Project and Space’s Collaborative Residency with Amery Butcher and Simone Asia


On more than one occasion Barbadian society has been classified as a difficult space for artists who seek to pursue art as a career. At any gathering of artists, it is not uncommon to hear more than one aspiring creative gripe of how unreceptive Barbadian society is to the arts. Particularly,…

An Interview with Amery Butcher from the Collaborative Weekend Residency with Projects and Space


Amery looked exhausted. Throughout the weekend he was juggling his job as a photographer and doing his interviews for the residency. On Sunday, he spent God knows how many hours on a shoot. We were driving to Sheena Rose’s house where the residency was concluding. I whipped out my questions and…

An Interview with Simone Asia from the Collaborative Weekend Residency with Projects and Space


The house was bustling with visitors for the culmination of the residency. Simone and I went to the patio for a bit of quiet and privacy. She can’t think to answer when there is too much going on. At many points in the interview, she paused and freaked out that she is thinking too much about a…

An interview with Sheena Rose from the Collaborative Weekend Residency with Projects and Space



At the end of the weekend residency, Sheena Rose and I sat in her studio for a candid discussion about the residency and Projects and Space. Although the studio was empty, there was still residual energy from the artists and visitors had now left the space. The Projects and Space sign hung…

Interview with Ria Scott

The Collaborative Weekend Residency

One artist, one photographer therefore becomes one collaborative weekend residency. Simone Asia an artist, Amery Butcher a photographer will be participating in the next Projects & Space local residency starting on the 31st of January till 2nd of February. They are allowed to use Sheena Rose’s studio, they are allow to stay, use the space, travel, be share ideas and hopefully be inspired by each other. 

We believe this residency will be very interesting and inspiring for Simone and Amery’s work. It is also very interesting because of the two different kind arts sharing the space, exploring, discussing ideas, and see what they learn from each other. 

You are welcome to visit and talk to Amery and Simone while they are participating in the collaborative residency. You can check out their website

Amery Butcher

Simone Asia

Thank you!

Amery Butcher


Amery Butcher will be participating in the collaborative weekend residency on 31st of January till 2nd of February,

Amery Butcher’s Artist Statement

I’ve always found the phrase “life imitating art” to be redundant. For me, life is art; and communication, the medium. So before I am a photographer, more than I am a writer or a cinematographer, I consider myself, Amery Butcher, a communicator. 

My preferred medium is one-on-one conversation, but in lieu of that and in an aim to reach a greater volume of people, the camera is the next best option. I love photography, and in particular candid photography. In fact, mimesis is more or less a running theme in most of my work – as a writer I’m drawn to human interest pieces; as a filmmaker, to documentaries.

I am chiefly influenced by the works of photojournalists like Peter Turnley and David Guttenfelder, but I’ve learned the most from the people I have interacted with. Sam Abel taught me the value of patience, Risée Chaderton taught me to hone my observational skills, Sonia Williams taught me that to breathe was to control my surroundings, CM Hardclyde Walcott taught me to think critically. For me, this residency is a continuation/application of that learning experience. 

My project will attempt to start a discussion regarding the impact that contemporary Caribbean artists are making in terms of having a presence in the societal consciousness. I will attempt this through the use of a mixture of film and photos.

 Previous project:

Photographer: Amery Butcher

Photographer: Amery Butcher

Photographer: Amery Butcher